Talk Hockey to Me

The unofficial, official guide to speaking hockey slang...

Apple: An assist (also referred to as a "helper")

Bar Down or Bar Mexico: A puck that hits the top cross bar and bounces down and into the net for a goal

Bender: A player that isn't very skilled. Potentially a new player that doesn't know how to dress, play or appear like a veteran player. The word originates from a player who's ankles bend inward in their skate 

Beauty: A player that is known for being one of the best players...or personalities. Can be used ironically toward someone (or something) that has done or said something ridiculous 

Bucket: Helmet 

Buzzin: A term used to describe someone in the zone, moving quickly and/or in the process of accomplishing a lot

Celly: Celebration

Top Cheese, Top Cheddar or Top Shelf: The top inside of the net. If a goal is scored in this top part of the net, any of these terms are acceptable to use. (may also hear lesser used favorites such as: Where Grandma keeps the Cookies [peanut butter, goodies, etc.]

Chiclets: Teeth

Chirp: Trash talk 

Clapper: Slap shot (also Clap Bomb)

Dangle: A move or deke with the puck to take an opposing player out of the play defensively. Also used to describe stick handling

Dialed In: Focused

Dirty: Used to explain a move or a shot in a positive manner. Can also be used by hockey fluent individuals to describe other things in life as really good. See also Filthy, Gross, Disgusting, Sick or "Ew". It should be noted, the longer the "eeeewwwwww", the dirtier the move 

Flow: Hair, usually that is long enough to stick out of a hat or helmet. Also known as Lettuce or Salad.

Geno (or Gino): A Goal

Gongshow: A situation that is out of control. Originated when talking about a game in which there is a lot fighting or bad calls. This term is now used to describe anything in life that is just a mess

Grinder: A player that consistently works really hard, even if they aren't always acknowledged for it as a top player. Can also refer to someone climbing up the ranks or improving as a player

Hundred Percent (100%): Commonly used phrase meaning the player agrees with what is being said

Lamp Lighter: A goal, or an individual that scores a lot of goals

Lid: Hat or helmet

Pillows: Goaltender leg pads

Point Machine: A player that scores a lot of goals and/or assists

Sieve: A goaltender that allows a lot of goals

Sin-bin: Penalty Box

Sweater: Jersey

Tarp: Shirt or jersey

Yard Sale: When a player is hit so hard that their equipment goes flying or when a player has their equipment spread out all over the locker room



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