Responsible Inventory Practices

Did you know that 92 million tons of textiles end up in landfills each year?! If this trend continues, that number will soar to 134 million tons by the end of the decade. When Best Shift Hockey was started, we wanted to do as much as we could be be a responsible business that leaves the earth better than how we found it. Through our fulfillment partners, Best Shift Hockey creates almost all of your products as they are ordered to avoid excess inventory, therefore less textile waste! We call this Responsible Inventory Practices. 

What does this mean for you? Well, in our current on-demand world, this simply means that you might be waiting for your package for a few extra days than the Amazon Prime world that we have become accustomed to. We appreciate your patience and hope that the little extra wait is well worth it!

We appreciate your business. 

Kelly & John